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Shortcode – Titles / Dividers

[title text=”This is a normal title”]

[title text="This is a normal section title"]

[title text=”This is a title with a link” link=”http://” link_text=”Click here to view products”]

[title text="This is a title with a link" link="http://" link_text="Click here"]

[title text=”This is a centered title” style=”center”]

[title text="This is a centered title" style="center"]

[title text=”This is a bold title” style=”bold”]

[title text="This is a bold title" style="bold"]

[title text=”This is a bold title with link” style=”bold” link=”http://” link_text=”Click here”]

[title text="This is a bold title with link" style="bold" link="http://" link_text="Click here"]

[title text=”This is a bold centered title” style=”bold_center”]

[title text="This is a bold centered title" style="bold_center"]


Normal divider:



Small divider:

[divider width=”small”]

[divider width="small"]

Full-width divider:

[divider width=”full”]

[divider width="full"]