The Fotorama Slider - Security Design
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The Fotorama Slider

The Fotorama Slider

The Fotorama slider is available as a featured header slider and by a shortcoded slider. It is an outstanding slider to utilize for image galleries, as it has a full screen option, with thumbnails which have their own size settings.

The slider has Thumbnail or Dots Navigation and 3 transition modes. It has a simple caption ability.

Slidersettings for the Fotorama Slider & Presets

[image source_type=”attachment_id” source_value=”2109″ caption=”Fotorama Slidersettings and Presets” alt=”The Fotorama Slidersettings and Presets.” align=”center” icon=”zoom” width=”620″ autoHeight=”true” quality=”100″ lightbox=”true” title=”Fotorama Slidersettings and Presets” lightbox_fittoview=”false”]