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Ken Burner Slider

Ken Burner slider

This is another premium script which is integrated in Striking MultiFlex for your benefit, saving you the cost of obtaining it separately. It is available both in the feature header, and as a shortcoded slider.

This slider has the famous Ken Burns transition effect. It supports video as well as images, and one can use the wp content editor to create a layer of content which would “sit” over the image. This is most effectively used for videos, since the featured image of the slide is a placeholder with a video icon, and then when one clicks upon the slide image, the image switches to the video, which commences playing.

In Striking you have global options which can be set for the Ken Burner slider. Those settings apply to all Ken Burner sliders inserted in a page. But as MultiFlex has the ability to create presets of those global settings the abilities are almost “unlimited” so to speak.

At this time this slider does not pick up galleries that are created using the Easy Slideshow Creator but we will recode for this in the future.

ken Burner Settings which apply to all Ken Burner slideshows.


Each slider item has options which can be set to make the slider item (the image) behave different in the Ken Burner slider.

Options for the single slider item Revolution

Experiment with this slider, it has extremely varied possibilities with some time and patience.